+ I love Caesar's so much and want to come back next season, am I only allowed to buy one week?

+ May I bring my own horse through for the week?

+ Are there any shops locally?

+ Can I hunt on the farm?

+ Do I have to use the same week every year?

+ Can I use my weeks as an insentive for my companies staff?

+ May I sell my shares?

+ What do I need to bring with when I come for my week?

+ I Have kids, will they get bored easily?

+ Are my kids in any danger from wild animals?

+ I drive an expensive vehicle, will I have easy access to Caesar's without damaging my vehicle? Most facilities are deep in the bush and have very bad roads, especially in the rainy season.

+ If my kids are watching a movie, will there be a place where I can watch the Rugby and relax?

+ If I book my week and want to take extra guests with, will there be a place for them to stay?

How to get to Ceasar's Bush Palace from Mokopane, Limpopo Province

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