Rosettes under the African sky

This remarkable lady juggles her time between her human family of four young children and her passion for the conservation of big cats.

Rozelda Behrens has an amazing relationship with her two jaguars, which form part of her predator family of lions, tigers, wolves and South Africa's pride , the sacred White Lion.

Her unique bond with this mysterious cat of the jungle is an exhilarating and an amazing experience to witness. From the moment she arrives at the farm "XJ" and "Baby J" know she is there and they starts calling her in affectionate grunts that only a jaguar can make.                                              

Nature conservation & Rehabilitation

Caesar's Bush Palace offers the best in animal care and conservation and the prevention of animal cruelty. The main focus of Caesars is to care for those big predators that most people fear and want to kill. They also normally become unwanted pets. We are talking about Lions, Tigers, leopards, Hyena`s etc. We provide them with a safe place to be themselves and for the normal people to enjoy. We then have the opportunity to educate our guests on the care for the animals.

We have 50 hectares available for expansion of the park and rehabilitation centre. Our goal is to buy up all maltreated predators and let them retire at Caesars.

Our camps are unique and natural with secure housing and water features and running water. They have grass and jungle gyms to play on and are always entertained. The camps get cleaned twice daily and feeding does not take place in front of the public.

The predator park is our major attraction but we should not forget about our Primate park. Its not just a private collection of monkeys but rescued and rehabilitated monkeys taken from homes where there only option was death.

Contact us today for the opportunity of a lifetime and the best investment you will ever find.