WHITE LIONS The first records of White Lions date back over 400 years in African history. The first White Lion sighting by a European though, was only in the early 1940�s. This was in the Timbavati region. In the ancient Shangaan lang

  Lion Of all the big cats the lion has always held a supreme place in mans esteem and imagination. Yet for all it�s glory the lion is only the second largest of the big cats the tiger being the largest. The male�

  Wolves Below are many of the characteristics of the Canis Lupus (Gray wolf): General � Social Behaviour A pack can consist of 4 to 40 wolves � depending on territory size. The wolf pack hierarchy is a

Tigers The tiger is the largest cat of the cat family and are found throughout Asia. Of the original 8 sub species of tiger, three are now extinct. The only remaining five subspecies are, the Bengal which you see here, the Siberian, Sumatran, Indo C

JAGUAR INFO General The Jaguar is the third largest feline, the tiger and lion being the only ones larger. Body length between 1.1 � 1.9m, tail length 45 � 75cm, shoulder height 55 � 76 cm and weigh 36 -16